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Something Inside of Me Has Always Been Here

  I know it has been a while since I last wrote to you. But it has been one fascinating year […] The post Something Inside of Me Has Always Been Here appeared first on Star Letters. Source: SL

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60 Seconds

I was determined to get there. I wanted to conquer my brain and find a way to not listen to the lies it was internally screaming at me as I was dripping sweat on the gym floor. My body was experiencing an earthquake. It was shaken like it was about to break into a million pieces. “You need to stop.” my brain told me, then it proceeded to say “You can have a stroke from pushing yourself so much.” I was attempting a sixty-second plank. Yup. That was all, and my brain was telling me I was going to die there and then. The floor was hard, there was no forgiveness from it. Nothing...

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Happy 4th. May the Source Be with You.

Dear…. Since this week’s Star Letter falls on the 4th of July I just want to wish you a fun happy day with your family. Find a way to bring the universe by your side even as you are barbecuing and sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows. (Click to Tweet!) It is in this physical reality that we must bring the beauty of the cosmos. It is in our everyday life that we must be aware of the vastness of our soul and the timeless existence of our consciousness. Imagine if we can be fully aware of the electromagnetic field around us even as we are at home hanging with our friends. For me,...

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Where Is the Echo Coming From?

Lately, I have been experiencing buckets of synchronicity. Not just frequent. But in buckets. It happens every day, every hour of the day. So much so that I now consider it normal. I go about my day and I expect my life to have a mirroring effect. When I speak, the TV in the background will repeat my words. When I drive the radio will mirror my thought. At first, it would stop me in my tracks. It felt like my words were echoing. There was an echo and I didn’t know where it was coming from. When these moments happen it feels like my life is connecting to something outside of time...

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The Thoughts behind the Thoughts

I know you have some very interesting thoughts, thoughts that you don’t like to share with others. These thoughts sometimes tell you about life and its weirdness. They tell you about your experience of your day. If you lean in and listen beyond the basic thoughts you will find a deeper message. Something more than just your regular thoughts. When I started listening in further I didn’t like to share what I was getting. I was about to say “hearing” but I didn’t want to confuse you as I wasn’t hearing anything. The way these messages come through is subtle, almost like your...

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You Have a Guiding Mechanism inside of You

What if we were allowed to believe that we have guides that guide us.   Whenever we had a problem to solve or we needed guidance we could turn inwards and ask for help. What if growing up our parents told us to go within for the answers. Not just the select few parents but billions of them. What if this was a true universal belief. And not just in prayer or metaphorically speaking. But truly. What if we could hear the divine voice talking with us? What if our higher self, inner wisdom or faint voice we think is nothing is something. It is the voice of God or divinity. Even the...

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Who Wants to Live Forever? I Do.

For as long as I am inside a physical existence, I will always be afraid of dying. Even though I know that death is not real. It doesn’t make sense. I know. You wonder how can I be afraid of something that I don’t believe exists. But no matter how much I believe that we don’t die ‘the wanting to be alive’ for as long as possible doesn’t go away. I don’t think it is meant to. We have come here to feel the fear of death. And to look up to the stars and wonder what does it all mean? Where do we go from here? And even though we have a lot of the answers we will never really...

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We Are Nothing but Melodies

Lately, I have wondered about us. How is it that we can’t find our way to all the knowledge that exists out there already. How come we don’t live our life from a place of awe. Maybe not always but to find a moment each day to marvel at this very strange place we call the universe. This very strange place is made by math, geometrical shapes and music. And you know what else? Everything happens in cycles. I mean don’t you wonder why? Why the math, the geometry and the sounds? Why is it the way it is? So today I am going to ask you to just read this Star Letter and hold the...

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Dear Jupiter, I Have Feelings for You

Just because I am happy, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get sad. As a matter of fact, you can feel your sadness even more because of your happiness. It is such a contrasting feeling. Lately, I have been contemplating a lot about friendships and loneliness. And my mind always goes to the stars when I feel sad. The most times I have cried have been when the stars were witnessing me. I don’t cry in front of people often. But in front of the stars it’s easy to do so. They have this magnificence about them that makes you feel like they are protecting you. You feel like they have seen...

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A New Dimension of Health

I wish I knew then what I know now. Don’t we all wish that? My first husband died of colon cancer ten years ago. At the time he was only 35 years old. I wish I could tell him all the things I learned about health after he passed. Even though at the time we did everything we could with what we had to get him better, what I know now would have taken us into a new dimension of health. Imagine if one day we could believe that our thoughts and emotions interact with our physiology. And ultimately accept the possibility that we can heal our own physical bodies. If this is done collectively...

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