1000 Steps and Counting

May 3, 2019 | IN CHRISTINA'S BLOG/POSTS | BY christina

No wonder nobody wants to change their life, especially the big things.

They require a thousand steps minimum.

I am in the midst of selling my house, and it feels like the list of things to do is never ending.

Which may actually be a good thing if you think about it.

You see when change happens suddenly, it is rarely a good thing.

Unless of course you win the lottery.

Even having a child takes 9 months.

I am realizing that the thousand steps are just stepping stones that get us from the old life to the new one, preparing us for change.

If it was immediate I think we would feel like we were breaking.

In this way we are being slowly moved out of what was.

Even though I am slowly being ushered in the new life I took out my back.

So I can no longer bend down to put my shoes on, and every step is painful.

I thought about this, of course.

This is my body letting go of my house.

This house has been such a big part of my physical reality.

I wrote Where Did You Go? here.

And it has been my refuge in more ways than I can say.

It became an extension of me.

If my soul had a physical existence it would look like this house.

I know why my back gave out.

The house is leaving my body.

We accepted an offer on Monday.

We move in a month.

And my physical existence is saying goodbye to the place it belonged to.

I am not a good chapter ender. Griever. Goodbye sayer.

Letting go is not one of my strengths because the few things I love, I love deeply.

I carry them with me forever.

But it is time to take the last few steps.

And my back needs to find its way back to functioning so I can greet my new chapter.

Never think for a minute that changing your life is just a bunch of decisions.

It is more than that.

You are an extension of your reality.

When you try to change it, it is like removing parts of you and leaving them behind.

It is a hard thing. But we must do it.

We belong in more than one place, one person and one life.

Our souls can put roots down more than once or twice. We are made to belong in many worlds. (Click to tweet!)

If you are going through a big life reentry like I am, know that what you are experiencing in your body and in your heart is normal.

May you complete your 1,000 steps and find yourself inside a beautiful new life feeling as if it always belonged to you.

With 1000 steps and counting,


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