Christina Rasmussen

Grief’s Gravity

The more awakened you are, the more lonely you feel. 

And since grief awakens us, it becomes a lonely experience by default. 

The key is to continue to wake up regardless of the isolation you feel. 

Regardless of the radical self you are becoming. 

Yes, radical. 

New and different from the usual. 

When one awakens, one becomes anew. 

Being awakened is not necessarily better. 

Grief bridges you from unreality to reality. 

It’s harsh. 

Uncomfortable and torturing. 


Grief gives us no choice but to wrestle with the truth. 

Awake and hurting we find our way to intelligence. 

Reality is a complex matter. 

Understanding it, requires a lot of introspection while you are brutally awake. 

You have to reconsider so much. 

And the unrest that comes with that is enormous. 

Vast as the sky above you. 

Grief has always been explained so simply, it makes me furious. 

A broken heart is not just a broken heart. 

It is an instrument of coherence. 

The break permits the awakening. 

Which leads to more pain at first, but in time it brings us all to living a radical life. 

Crumbled but radical. 

Tired but aware. 

Broken, but for the first time in truth. 

Banished from the old life and past relationships, suspended until we find the others. 

The others, like us. 

Galloping from one reality to another. 

Looking to make a home away from the darkness of the ones who remain asleep. 

Not knowing how, we stumble at first. 

Wishing for the grief to go away so we can go back to sleep. 

But grief is like gravity, inescapable. (Click to tweet!)

Unless we learn how to get to earth’s stratosphere. 

A tall order. 

But a holy journey for the few who make it through the collision of the two lives. 

The two selves. The before and after. 

The asleep and the awakened. 

The lies and the truth. 

Life without any grief provides a comfortable bed that carries no evolution. 

And yes, you may not care about evolution, you and I would definitely choose to have our people back, but our world was not made this way. 

Not yet. 

I do think that there will come a time when we won’t have to die to evolve. 

Call me radical. Please. 🙂

But evolution will help us find our way to eliminate death if only we can be born awakened enough to evolve. 

This is why your mission should be to stay in the intelligence of grief and build not only sand castles but learn how to make it outside of grief’s gravity. 

When we get there, grief will be a thing of the past. 

Not for us, but for those who will come after us, hundreds of years from now. 

I believe in a world lived inside many dimensions. 

Alive. Aware. 

And death would never come take us. 

With no gravity,


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