Christina Rasmussen

Millions of Souls Are Thinking of You

I am writing to you late on Thanksgiving evening, and I can’t stop thinking of you. 

I want to know about your day. 

Were you on your own? 

Did you have to cook a meal for one? 

I tried to guess the number of people who were not able to be with their families, and I can’t decide if it is a million, two million, or ten. 

Maybe even 100 million people ate Thanksgiving dinner on their own this year. 

I know it sounds like a lot. But I do think it was a lot. 

What if someone told us the actual number, would it change anything? 

Would it make a difference? 

You may be thinking, it wouldn’t even matter. 

But it would. Numbers matter. 

We count everything. 

We need to understand the scale of things. 

It prepares us for what we need to do. 

It tells us about reality. 

The world we live in. 

If you are reading this letter and you were with your family on Thanksgiving, I know that just like me, you were thinking of those who weren’t.

If you were alone on Thanksgiving know that I thought of you, and sent you my love all day long. It may not matter practically, but energetically I hope you felt it. 

I hope your soul knew that my soul was there with you in your living room. 

Maybe even sitting next to you on your couch watching TV. 

I know this is a simple letter, with no fancy words. 

Just a letter to say I don’t want you thinking that nobody cares. 

If today you have another day on your own, then you know my soul is there with you.

There are many souls like mine, who are thinking of you. I know this deeply. 

I know we live in a kind and caring world. And when you are on your own, and a voice inside of you tells you that nobody cares, please talk back to the voice. 

With the truth. (Click to tweet!)

I am not sure as to how many souls are thinking of you. 

It may be a million, 2 million or even 10. 

Reality is a mirror. 

A mirror soul is right there with you. 

Here’s to another day together. 

May we have many days where we know we are never really alone. 


With millions of souls thinking of you,


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