Christina Rasmussen

20 Years Later

It was a cold and snowy afternoon in 2003. 

I can still remember my black winter boots emerging from the snow as I was putting one foot in front of the other walking towards the doctor’s office with Bjarne. 

Our life was about to change forever. 

Although he was only 31, we were just about to find out, he had stage 4 colon cancer. 

In that moment, we were instantly transported to another universe. 

One that looked nothing like the one we we were in. 

There were so many things I didn’t know then. 

Including the fact that we were so young. 

I didn’t know how much life the girls and I were going to live without him. 

I didn’t know about the void they would feel in their adult years. 

The invisible nature of such a tragic loss at such a young age was completely unknown to me then. 

As I look back on this 20 year long journey I find myself feeling many emotions. 

If someone came to me that day and told me what was to happen next I wouldn’t have believed any of it. 

It took me about 4 years after his passing to resign from my job in corporate and start writing and teaching. 

The Second Firsts Page was probably one of the very first ones of its kind at the time. 

I learned so much from half a million people over the course of these years and from the many classes that took place in its group settings. 

Without you all, I would have never discovered Invisible Loss. 

It was your courage that made the birth of this book possible. 

The courage to share your most vulnerable inner worlds. 

You helped save lives.

We got to understand what it was we were all dealing with.

Break it down. And give it language. 

It took years to write this book, 3 complete rewrites, 4 different editors and hard work to make Invisible Loss seen, articulated, and deconstructed.

If I had a wish for this book, it would be that it gets passed on.  

As it takes at least two people coming together in a vulnerable way to not only start the healing journey but to help mold a world full of empathy. 

As for me, I am putting down my swords, my tools, my backpacks after 20 long years of being in the aftermath of that cold February afternoon. 

I am at a new threshold. 

And today is the day my new book Invisible Loss is born.

I have distilled in its pages everything I learned about Invisible Loss and how it can quietly take whole lives. 

Especially lives that look fine from the outside.

Send me a picture of you with the book when you get it. 

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With love and a new beginning for us all,



You can find Invisible Loss, in your local bookstore, and everywhere books are sold. 

Here is the Amazon link for ease:


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