Life Reentry after Invisible Loss.

This is a Life Reentry class I never imagined I would be teaching when I started this work in 2010. But something unexpected happened during the last ten years, as I taught Life Reentry to thousands of people who’ve suffered terrible and unspeakable tragedies. Unfortunately, I blindly assumed, like everyone else that the loss of a person was the only loss that was difficult to come back from. I spent this last decade passionately helping everyone with a tragedy, reenter life. But while doing just that, I started seeing a very thin and clear thread. When a bereaved was getting back to living life, something invisible and unspoken would pull them back to grief.


Life Reentry after Invisible Loss

What is an invisible loss?


It took me a few years to uncover the invisibility part of what I coined the Waiting Room.

Their narrative and linguistic use was hinting at an undercover world of grief. What plagued my class participants and emotionally imprisoned them long term more than anything were these invisible, mistakenly perceived smaller experiences that are not traditionally considered significant. These types of losses society fails to recognize, mirror back, or validate. Instead, we are left confused, alone and ashamed of what we hide inside of us while at the same time living in a world that appears whole, standing in front of our brokenness. 

When everything looks the same on the outside, yet everything has changed on the inside, we break. We break in half. This is the duality of loss. The invisible grief narrative is not just dismissed or overlooked. I wish It was that simple. It is rather unseen, almost like a ghost. These invisible LOSSES can often accompany cataclysmic events but sometimes they find us without any obvious reason. 

The list of invisible losses is so long that it would fill not only this class registration page but many. The undetectable cataclysms we live with every day are so fatal to our lives that if we knew the truth we would halt the infinite loop of routine on its tracks so we could grasp the desperation millions of people live with. 

This daily life shadows the scariest monsters of our inner world. Aging in an ageless world, being diagnosed with a disease that nobody can see.  Losing one’s job. You unbecome. 

But before we can unleash ourselves out of the waiting room, or even discover the caves in which we have been enclosed we must redefine grief— we will courageously discuss the tragic loss of identity, the loss of innocence, childhood experiences, relationships, aging, rejection, abandonment, loneliness and introduce you to a new life. A life that is understood, processed, validated and shared. 

What is the waiting room?


The Life Reentry® Model begins with the individual stuck between two worlds. This is a place we call The Waiting Room—a psychological space one retreats to after great loss. It is a gap between lives—the life that has been forced into the past, and the new life that has yet to begin. The Waiting Room is not a physical place, but rather a mindset. It’s a holding pattern—safe, comfortable, but inhibitory. It keeps one out of danger, and out of life.

Who is this class for?


If you feel stuck in a place between the life you left behind and the life you so wish you can have then I hope you will join me and hundreds of others in our next Life Reentry class. This is a Life Reentry class for the person who feels stuck in the Waiting Room but doesn’t quite know why. If you have gone through something difficult, invisible, untraditional, or a big loss and have struggled to find your way back, this is the class for you. I will be using the Life Reentry process and walking you through its five stages. 

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Life Reentry after Invisible Loss

What to expect.


The Life Reentry program lasts 6 weeks starting Tuesday October 27th at 6pm central, with LIVE ZOOM video classes each week, 6 live video calls with Christina along with action step homework — plus access to the private, members-only, Life Reentry Facebook group where you can connect with other people who are sharing a similar journey.

  • Each week you will have a live video call with Christina.
  • Daily interaction on homework with Christina and participants. You will ask questions, share, support and encourage each other in the Facebook group. These six weeks are intense and life changing. 
  • The cost of the class is 195.00 and you can use PayPal if you have an account or even if you don’t. You can add your credit card through the link below. 
  • By the end of Life Reentry, your life will look different, you will have tools and resources to rebuild and reenter.
  • After the 6 weeks of live video calls are over, we start a lifelong journey where we help you make the new dreams come true. You will never be alone again.
  • If you are wondering whether this is the right class for you what I want to tell you is that the Life Reentry class has been running for 10 years with thousands of people still doing the work in their groups. This is a lifelong experience you are about to embark on. 

And lastly this is the first time I am running a Life Reentry class for what I coined Invisible Losses. It is about time. And it will be a completely full class. I hope you join us. 

Weekly Schedule for Live Zoom Video Calls

Tuesdays at 6pm (CST)










“The Life Reentry® Class gave “names” to all the emotions I feel in my grief and helps me sort them out and understand them. The class gave me the ability to look at what I was feeling, acknowledge and decide what to do with those feelings. Also, the validation from others in the class is so appreciated and needed as you try to navigate all the emotions of your grief.”

– Carol Roth


“The biggest takeaway from life re-entry was to find out that I was not alone. I thought my grief was unique. In the first lesson Christina mentioned that grief was competitive and that caught my undivided attention. My grief was no worse than anyone else’s. I actually found out some people were experiencing my exact situation. And others were experiencing situations I couldn’t even imagine. That sentence alone changed my perspective so much.”

– Amy Eschbacher


“If all this class gave me was the hope that there was a way out of being stuck in grief, it would have been enough. But over the six weeks, I watched myself and my classmates learn and see the possibility of being whole again, in spite of the holes in their hearts. Forever grateful for Christina and her team, for their work, spirit, and endless support.”

– Jessica Kupferman


“This class provided me (and my brain) strategies,understanding and self awareness not only about how to navigate grief but how to live and love again in a purposeful and joyful life.”

– Colleen Mulder

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Life Reentry after Invisible Loss