A Life-Changing Journey to Connect with Those We’ve Lost

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In this groundbreaking science-driven book, readers learn how to communicate directly with loved ones who have passed away. Where Did You Go? bridges the gap between the metaphysical and the measurable by guiding readers to the other side through weekly exercises that reveal an unseen world.

After losing her thirty-five-year-old husband to cancer, Christina Rasmussen’s overwhelming grief spurred her to locate the afterlife in order to reconnect with her husband. A skeptic of conventional mystical and religious descriptions, Christina instead draws on basic principles of brain science and quantum physics to explore other dimensions. Christina’s proven step-by-step guide to visiting another world allows us to experience the afterlife, discover a deep sense of peace, and to be with our lost love ones.

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1) A beautifully designed, interactive Journey Notes PDF to use in conjunction with the book’s exercises

2) Calming audio tracks to enhance your journey through the exercises in the book (6 MP3 files)

These peaceful tracks allow the brain to transcend its daily experience and make the book’s journeys come to life.

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1)  A 6 Week LIVE Masterclass with Christina (a value of $295)

Description:  In each session, Christina will personally guide class attendees through the process detailed in her book.

Dates: Jan 9, 16, 23, 30 & Feb 6, 13 at 5PM PST

  • Jan 9 (The Doorway): This first journey encourages the brain to let go of its attachment to its reality, allowing you to move out of your day-to-day reality for the first time.
  • Jan 16 (The Super Watcher): We all have a guide, God, the higher self—it has many names—that lives inside us. On this journey, you will meet your Super Watcher.
  • Jan 23 (The Portal): We travel further outside the physical reality. Our entire universe is made of black holes and portals that bend time and space. This is where we learn how to go beyond the concept of time.
  • Jan 30 (The Temple of Universes): On this journey, we learn how to co-create the next chapter of our life.
  • Feb 6 (The Temple Mirror): Our past, present and future all come together in this journey so that we can gain a deeper understanding of our life’s circumstances.
  • Feb 13 (The Field): On this last journey, we connect the invisible world with the visible.

Location: This 6-session live course will take place via weekly hour-long video calls. Between each session, the discussion will continue in the course’s private Facebook group.

2)  A beautifully designed, interactive Journey Notes PDF to use in conjunction with the book’s exercises

3) Calming audio tracks to enhance your journey through the exercises in the book (6 MP3 files)

These peaceful tracks allow the brain to transcend its daily experience and make the book’s journeys come to life.

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1) Everything listed above 

2) 1-Hour Skype Video Call with Christina (Limit to the first 10 customers who redeem this package)

In this video call, you and your support group/book club will have an interactive and Private Skype call with Christina to discuss the book.

Praise for Where Did You Go?

“In Where Did You Go?, Christina Rasmussen addresses some of the big questions that tens of millions  are facing today.  Blending ancient tools with modern ones, Ms. Rasmussen offers readers a pathway for exploring the ‘other side’.  As society becomes ever more fascinated with the life hereafter this book is coming out at just the right time.”

Raymond Moody Jr. MD PhD,
author of Life After Life

“Christina Rasmussen has produced a how-to handbook with a fascinating twist: a complete instruction manual to help the living contact those who have passed on. Where Did You Go? offers deep comfort to anyone who has lost a loved one and hopes to explore what frontier science is now demonstrating: while a heart may stop beating, consciousness never dies.”

Lynne McTaggart
author of The Field

“Christina Rasmussen, the pioneer that she is, has boldly created the bridge for a deeper understanding of what lies beyond the reality that is seen to one that is unseen where our beloveds exist for all time.  I love this book, and I know that it will bring so much joy to those who have been asking the question, Where did you go?

Kristine Carlson
New York Times bestselling author of From Heartbreak to Wholeness: the hero’s journey to joy

“Grieving the loss of her young husband, therapist Rasmussen (Second Firsts: Live, Love, and Laugh Again) explored life after death through a process that combined both faith and science. The author believes that one can pass through to a life beyond physical realities and that visits to the hereafter are rich with peace, awe, and deepened intuition. Each of the chapters here focuses on leading readers on a journey, through the Door, then crossing into the Temple World where one can find the lost person and, in general, expand their awareness. VERDICT. A fascinating read for those open to paranormal experiences.”

Library Journal

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