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Grief Woke Me Up and Now I Can’t Go Back to Sleep

I was completely blind before loss.

Actually no, not blind.


Going about my day, as a wife, mother of toddlers, friendly neighbor, you know the rest.

Living but not really living.

And even after loss, I tried to go back to the hypnosis.

Get the job I should be getting.

Have people over for dinner, you know, do the right thing as a neighbor and friend.

Believing that what I had before loss was more valuable than what I got after.

This reality blows. As you know when you see someone you love die, not much can put you back to hypnosis.

I tried to go back.

Be a ‘normal’ person.

And it hurt like hell.

The hypnosis hurt nearly as much as the loss of my husband.

It was as if now, I was awake inside my hypnotized self.

Before I had no idea there was even a hypnosis.

I had no idea that my actual brain is part of that hypnosis, even how this dimension we live in, is an illusion.

When I started speaking about Life Reentry® and the brain 7 years ago people found it hard to understand the hypnosis, the Waiting Room, the Survivor self.

Yes, I developed a whole set of tools so I could understand what the heck was going on.

You see, there is a threshold, and your brain lets you out so much, then it closes the door and throws you back into the hypnosis. (Click to Tweet!)

Keep reading, please.

It is the voice that wants to get you out of the waiting room and tell you the following.

You are made of stardust. For real.

This is a real thing.

Every human is made of star stuff.

We came from a place outside this reality.

You can call it God. Source. Divinity. Universe.

All of these names are true.

This place we all came from is not a three dimensional world.

It is not like this. Here. It is very different.

Did you know there are many dimensions?

And we live in the third?

Someone emailed me yesterday and told me how much they love my letters every Friday, but when she got the email with the Beyond Reentry class she said it was all “crackpot spirituality stuff.”

The crackpot is the hypnosis my dear.

The crackpot is the not knowing that you are not this body, and you are not this reality.

Now that I got this off my chest, let’s move on.

I have asked you to look at the starry night before but this time, I am going to ask you to look up and see something else.

We are surrounded by something called dark matter and it occupies, maybe close to 95 percent of our universe.

And we don’t even know what it is.

For this reality here to be the only reality it would have to show up a little more normal don’t you think?

Would we be hanging upside down on a blue dot in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a substance that is unknown, if this was all there was?

Nope, it would all be flat, and there would be no weird dark stuff.

And you know what this also tells me?

That there is a good chance that death is not a thing outside of this reality.

The people we lost are all hanging out somewhere else, looking different of course.

And ok, they have no bodies.

But their essence is intact.

And your consciousness can interact with theirs. Right now.

You want to try?

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Ask your beloved person a question. Wait for a couple of seconds…..

Did you get an answer that came in as a thought? Yup.

I knew you would. Write it down.

Your consciousness interacted with the consciousness of your person.

And don’t let your brain tell you it was not real, that it was just a thought.

It is trying to keep you inside the hypnosis.

Remember that.

And of course, what is the definition of ‘crackpot.’

Here is what the dictionary had to say ‘an eccentric or foolish person.’

And here is one more.

My favorite, ‘a person who is, unrealistic.’

With an unrealistic foolishness,


PS. And for any people like myself my brain science, quantum physics class about death and the creative universe starts this Wednesday register here. We have quite a few foolish people like me already there ready for the journey beyond.

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