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    • In 2006, a tragic event changed the trajectory of my life. Learn more about my experience in my weekly blog posts.
    • My grief spurred me to turn to the stars and the universe for answers. Learn more about that here.

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Latest Blog Posts

The Life After Loss Kidnapper

She resides inside new love.  She makes her home within a new memory.  She keeps you up at night after a first date.  And she whispers words of utter destruction.  Especially after laughter.  After fun.  Her name is guilt.  And she ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Or so she thinks.  Her hands have hooks inside […]

The Long Way Home

It has taken me over 13 years to feel a longer lasting sense of happiness.  You might want to yell out but Christina, that’s too long of a journey.  And I will say that is the good side of life after loss.  Not many of us ever make it back to a happy life.  You […]

I Wish Time Never Ran Out

I wish I could play music.  Sing like an Opera singer.  Write as if I have lived many lives.  I wish doors opened for me. I wish I was lucky. And much younger when I got my act together.  Smarter.  Good at math.  And I could live long enough to see earth from space.  I […]

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More About Christina

Christina Rasmussen is an acclaimed grief educator, the author of Second Firsts and Where Did You Go?  She is also the host of The Dear Life Podcast.

She is the founder of The Life Reentry Institute and has helped countless people break out of what she coined the “waiting room” of grief to rebuild their lives through her Life Reentry Model. With this, she introduces a new model of grief based on the science of neuroplasticity. She describes grief as a catalyst for redefining identity, and outlines the process of “reentry”, or returning to life.

Her mission is to change the way we grieve, the way we live, and how we define our potential in this life, and the hereafter. She has consulted on the 2019 movie short Dreamwisher and currently working on her very first work of fiction as she believes that big change in an industry that has been left behind requires not only education and training through traditional settings but also in media, movies and entertainment.

Her Institute’s mission is to bring forth a new way of speaking about and embracing loss within the medical, corporate and social environments.

Her work has been featured at ABC News, Washington Post, Maria Shriver and the White House Blog. She currently works and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Eric, their daughters and their two dogs.