I am just glad you are here.

If you don’t know who I am… here is a very condensed version. Something tragic happened in my life in 2006 and that event changed the trajectory of my life. I write about all of that here: secondfirsts.com. Because of this devastating event I asked bigger questions and needed the truth so I write about the stars and the universe here starletters.com. And one more thing I decided to help as many people as possible who go through these tough events in their lives so I founded this institute also here lifereentry.com. And I write books too.

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Christina Rasmussen

Christina uses the basic principles of brain science and quantum physics to change the patterns and habits of grief. She writes a weekly blog on her secondfirsts.com website that ignites life after loss for over 50,000 people. She is the founder of The Life Reentry® Institute and the creator of The Life Reentry® model. She is educating and training medical centers, hospices, and therapists to provide Life Reentry® support groups and services globally. There are trained LR practitioners in 4 countries so far. She teaches her Life Reentry® , Life Reentry® Practitioner and Beyond Reentry classes in her community platform lifereentry.com.


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Take A Course

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If you feel stuck in a place between the life you left behind and the life you so wish you can have then I hope you will join me and hundreds of others in our next Life Reentry® class.

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You will go on a journey that you have never been before. You will be asked to shut down this world and open another. You will be given words that will make you want to discover if these words stand behind truth.

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Life Reentry® Practitioner The Life Reentry® Model is a grief therapy practice that provides a supportive social structure to the client who is the process of shifting from a “waiting room” mindset to one of re-entry.



Loss is the most unexpected event in our lives.
Don't live an expected life after loss. It will be hard at first. Get ready to
fight for the most important battle of your life.