Christina Rasmussen


Christina Rasmussen is an acclaimed grief educator and bestselling author of Second Firsts (Hay House, 2013), Where Did You Go? (Harper One, 2018), and Invisible Loss (Sounds True, 2024). In 2010, four years after her thirty-five-year-old spouse passed away from Stage 4 colon cancer, she created the Life Reentry process, which launched her on a mission to bring compassion, grace, and validation to thousands, while simultaneously establishing an exit from what she termed the Waiting Room.

Recent Press

Why do I feel like I’m stuck in a ‘waiting room’, hoping for my life to get started?

Joy can feel elusive in today’s economy – a counsellor talks to us about moving the needle from surviving to thriving. – by Elle Hunt

On The Mend

Christina’s 12 year old weekly blog

20 Years Later

It was a cold and snowy afternoon in 2003.  I can still remember my black winter boots emerging from the snow as I was putting

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Sometimes, a profound sense of self-awareness offers glimpses into your destiny and the path ahead.  Your intuition, your gut feeling, may hint at what the

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Christina’s art creates a seamless continuum between tangible form and ethereal formlessness. The concepts of time and space are fundamentally illusory, thereby giving rise to the interplay between these figures and landscapes, they are intertwined yet separate.

Christina is currently completing her MFA in Drawing and Painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and she is working on her Thesis Painting series called The Gatherings.

These paintings, invoke the profound essence of energy undergoing countless metamorphoses within the human body as we traverse in between realms. Through the lens of eternal nostalgia, these captivating figures keep meeting each other in between lifetimes.

Christina will be sharing a collection of paintings in 2025.