Christina Rasmussen


Sometimes, a profound sense of self-awareness offers glimpses into your destiny and the path ahead. 

Your intuition, your gut feeling, may hint at what the future holds, but the full picture remains hidden in the present moment. 

Yet, you question the knowledge you possess about the future. 

You find it hard to trust it. 

You may even give more weight to external perspectives from friends, than your own inner compass. Why it is crucial to surround yourself with people who acknowledge your insights and have faith in the messages you receive from within. 

The presence of such people in our lives is invaluable. 

Over the years, I have witnessed many people who, even after being single for an extended period, firmly believe they will meet a new romantic partner. However, doubt creeps into their minds because they lack physical proof or belief from others that this will happen for them. 

So here is what I want you to take from this letter today. 

No matter what happens in your everyday life, nurture the belief that your wish can become a reality.

To my friends, my children, and anyone who will listen, I often say this: The outcome I want has already happened in the future, and my current actions are simply leading me toward it. 

This outcome I want, already exists. 

It has already happened and all I have to do is get myself there. 

It brings me peace to think of my destiny this way. 

When I went back to school to study art it felt as if that moment had been sitting there in my future waiting for me to meet with it. 

The same with all the books I have written. 

Did you know that I used to see myself sitting at a desk at a bookstore signing books, much earlier than 2013? 

That first time it actually happened, it was kind of eerie. 

I had goosebumps. 

Also meeting Eric, my husband. 

Some of you know the story behind it. 

After my first hubby passed away I would tell my friends that if I ever meet someone new he would have to come and sit next to me. I am not going to go find him anywhere else. And that is exactly what happened. He came and sat next to me at our grief support group. 

In that instant, I knew what had just happened. 

In the tapestry of time, the future awaits, holding the person you aspire to be, the job you want, the dreams you dream, and the experiences you yearn for. 

Let trust be your compass. 

Doubt has no place in this journey; belief in your future is the key that unlocks its doors. 

Never doubt it. 

You have to believe in that future for it to become yours. 

With goosebumps,


Truth be told, this third book was fighting with me from its future placement for its right to stay. My Survivor Self did not want it to come true. But it is coming true against all odds. 



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