Christina Rasmussen

This is Your Play, You Get to Choose the Scenes of Your Life

I am feeling fired up. Ready to not only share the book but live it fully. 

In every way. With everyone. And in everything. 

What does that really mean, you might be asking. 

What does living the book look like?

If you were able to look in every corner of your life which includes, conversations with friends, family, strangers, gatherings in social settings, and even places you choose to go every day, you would for sure notice something. 

You would see that some of the ways in which your life is constructed are not truly done by your choice in the matter. 

If nobody could see, the ways in which you live your life, I bet you would make some different choices. 

You may even find yourself choosing a completely different way to talk to others, behave, or even dress. 

I know it sounds extreme and of course, there is a spectrum here, but sometimes we need to hear the extreme versions of things so we pay attention. 

In many ways, it’s like we are living our lives on a theater stage, where we act, move, and interact with an audience who is either going to clap or boo us. 

This is why our choices are made based on the audience’s needs and wishes. 

Imagine for this week, you remove the audience from your stage, and it is just YOU.

Living your life. With your choice in everything. 

You get to bring whatever you want on that stage. 

You get to invite the people you choose, without anyone saying a word about it. 

You get to wear whatever the heck you want, and you’re only presenting to yourself. 

It’s your play. Your script. Your words. Your scenes. 

I wonder what it would look like if there were no outside characters and influences to impact your decisions. 

I wonder how it would feel if you didn’t have anyone to please but yourself. 

I hope you think about this today. 

I hope you remove the audience in every part of your day and see what stays and what needs to go.

This may seem like play pretend, and maybe the Survivor Self is saying this can never happen. 

But maybe (this is something you have to keep secret from your Survivor part) there are scenes in your life that can change. 

They can be replaced by scenes that take care of your needs. 

What pleases you. Without guilt, or shame. 

Even if there is only one scene, one part of the play of your life that you can change today for yourself, it would be worth it. 

I hope you try. 

With love


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