Christina Rasmussen

My Hard Won Truths

Lately the whole world has been suffering a lot more than usual. 

So today I decided to share with you my very own hard won truths that are helping me through this difficult time. 

Of course it doesn’t mean that I am not impacted by current events, it just means that I am able to recover a little easier. 

Here they are.  


Our lives are made of experiences that are connected to future events. 

The closer we get to these future events the harder it is to alter the present. 

I am finally able to let go of the controls, and let them guide me to the future. Wherever it may be.  It is like walking into a room with a full set of furniture. The couch, the table, the chairs, the rug and they have their own place within that room. You can move them around but it won’t make a huge difference, it will still be the Living Room you are in. We are here to live through surprises, hardships, miracles and loss and do it in a way that allows for our destiny to unfold. 


There are many good hearted people in the world but they do have a lot of loss and trauma. Which filters their behavior, words, and actions and molds them into someone that may not come across as kind. Seeing the world as a collective group of people trying to survive their lives the best way they know how, gives me solace and comfort in knowing that fundamentally humans are good. 


Everything exists for eternity. We live in a linear world and sometimes we forget that outside of this linearity we have it all. Physical reality is built to help us experience loss and love. Having and not having. Winning and losing. Dark and Light. Good and evil. It’s an illusion. Part of the game. When we know this, we can sit inside pain easier. We can lose love and feel love at the same time. And we can certainly experience a painful battle that we can never win, but press pause and be present in its aftermath knowing that. 


The harder places to reach within ourselves can only be discovered from the inside of pain. Failure. Grief. Physical discomfort. Imprisonment. The person who has had all of the above is someone who knows themselves. Knowing who we are, is the biggest gift of all. And if I am ever given a choice I would always choose the lesson from pain. 


The feeling of nostalgia is a higher level of intelligence; it is where deep awareness begins. Where we are comfortable with remembering. Where we enjoy our own company. Where inner and outer silence connect. I crave moments of nostalgia and I indulge in them as much as I am able.  

So, during the last few days, I have reminded myself that people are kind, my destiny is unfolding as it should, the hard days are part of the lessons and indulging in my own company gets me closer to peace. (Click to tweet!)

And if for some reason I am not able to access my truths easily. I just go and sit under stars and everything becomes super clear. 

I would ask you to make a list of your own truths. The truths that nobody can ever take away from you, no matter what is going on in our world. 

Even if you only have one truth, write it out, and put it on your fridge, frame it in your living room. 

To remind yourself that nobody can ever change it. 

It belongs to you. 

With hard won truths, 


On The Mend