Christina Rasmussen

Something Is Coming

I have always known when something was about to change in my life. 

Sometimes I would know it for years beforehand. 

I would tell people I know something is coming. 

Something is coming. 

The change itself was invisible. 

I felt the enormity of it. 

But there were no signs of what exactly was coming. 

Just that everything was going to change. 

If you were to time travel to my childhood in Greece you could have never predicted what would come next. 

Or if you flew on top of my work cubicle in 2010, you would not be able to see the books I would get to write. 

No signs of the future. 

Just a knowing. 

An unmistakable knowing. 

And now a new one is getting closer. 

I feel it. I know it. 

Just like I knew the others were near. 

I do think you too can sense change in your life. 

You too have this strong feeling of knowing something is arriving. 

A change in the air. 

A shift in the way you are breathing. 

And if you sit still and really listen you may even hear it. 

It is almost like white noise. 

A new frequency that goes over the one you are in right now. 

And if you are reading this and thinking but Christina, I can’t hear the white noise, or sense anything coming. 

Look for your version of subtle. 

Your version of how you know something is here that cannot be seen. 

After all, sixth sense is not just a number. 

It is the eyes of the future and the knower of what is ahead. 

Don’t be afraid of knowing. 

I know change of this size can feel overwhelming. 

But it wouldn’t be coming for you if it did not belong to you. 

That is exactly what I whisper to myself just before I go to sleep. 

However big this change is. 

Whatever grief it will bring on my way out the door. 

It is part of a new world that was built for me and only me. 

And I will be there to meet it. 

I know you will too. 


With a new chapter approaching,


P.S. I hope the Dear Life podcast is keeping you company as you are reentering life.

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