Christina Rasmussen

Short and Sweet

This is a first. 

But I have been flying, traveling, experiencing, living so much that this letter did not get to be written today. 

Instead, I am sending you a short note to tell you to drop anything that is not important and go do something fun. 

I don’t care what it is. 

But don’t tell yourself you don’t have time to see a friend, to try a new ice cream flavor, to be free of the to do lists. 

And as for me I just landed in Oakland and I have to go celebrate my friend’s Kristine Carlson movie Premiere Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. 

So in honor of my life, her life, and your life this is the length of today’s letter. 


With the presence of life,



Make sure you watch the movie on Lifetime TV and grab Kris’s book Heartbroken Open. 

On The Mend

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