Life Reentry® Class

If you feel stuck in a place between the life you left behind and the life you so wish you can have then I hope you will join me and hundreds of others in our next Life Reentry® class. We will meet weekly for six weeks and then we will continue meeting inside the Life Reentry® community for people who have gone through loss. We will exit the old life and enter a brand new one, with self-awareness, wisdom and your Thriver. New dreams. New friends and a new way of looking at life. You can no longer live your life the way you used to. It has to change and we will do this together.


Life Reentry® practitioners

The Life Reentry® Model is a grief therapy practice that provides a supportive social structure to the client who is the process of shifting from a “waiting room” mindset to one of re-entry. It supports individuals in understanding the many layers of their grief and corrects the false misconception that grief is a process of indefinite mourning. The Life Reentry® Practitioner Program empowers practicing professionals to teach the life reentry method in their private practice and through our online platform.


Beyond Reentry
(The Temple)

You will go on a journey that you have never been before. You will be asked to shut down this world and open another. You will be given words that will make you want to discover if these words stand behind truth. This class is a door. A door that cannot be seen without this class. A door that others cannot see for you. A door you have been told does not exist. And now all of a sudden someone you have never met not only will tell you to open a door you cannot see but ask you to walk in and find the person you loved and lost.

You will be asked to believe in things that are difficult to believe in. This class is about to take you on a journey to a world that I have named the Temple.