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Second Firsts

In Second Firsts, Rasmussen walks you through her Life Reentry® process to help you break grief’s spiral of pain, so you can stop simply surviving and begin to live again. She shows you that loss can actually be a powerful catalyst to creating a life that is in alignment with your true passions and values. The resilience, strength, and determination that have gotten you through this difficult time are the same characteristics that will help you craft your wonderful new life.

Get ready for your Second Firsts.

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“If you’re lost … if you’re gone … if you can barely absorb the words on this page … I want you to hold this truth in your heart: when it’s your time to go, you won’t wish you had spent more time grieving; you’ll wish you had spent more time living.”

— Christina Rasmussen

What the Experts are Saying

About Second Firsts

“If you have experienced loss in your life, Christina’s book will quickly empower you to vibrantly refill,
renegotiate, and embrace your broken-hearted spirit. Please, use your limited time and energy wisely and seize
her Life Reentry® program early in your grief. It will undoubtedly be a big victory for you and the universe. It’s a
realistic, strategic, life-shifting, never-look-back program based on neuroscience and personal experience that leads you to feeling more genuinely alive than you ever thought possible.”

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D.