You Will Always Be Alive

March 1, 2019 | IN CHRISTINA'S BLOG/POSTS | BY christina

You may ask

What does grief have to do with physics?

What does it have to do with science?

I mean, come on Christina.

My heart is broken.


And you are talking about particles and atoms.

Other dimensions.

The Universe.  

Have you lost your mind?

What about the real things?

What about the Bible?

My lonely nights, sleeping in an empty bed.

Did you know I wake up and I don’t want to be alive anymore?

I don’t even want to leave my house and go to work.

I can’t take care of my kids.

Why are you trying to turn things upside down?

Aren’t we already confused?

Go back and talk about real things I can understand.

I can do something with.

Do you see my point?

I see dear friend, I see it.

And I was where you are.

I was screaming and yelling at night.

And if someone told me that death is not real, that we are always alive and that we can even make new memories with someone we lost,

I would have thrown them out of my house.

I would have told them that they are crazy.

That I believe in a God that is biblical only.

That the so called Afterlife is for those who are desperate to believe.

But before you stop reading let me say this to you.

What you get to see in these words is a glimpse of a world that is much more kind and beautiful and above all, timeless.

This world still holds all the people we lost.

And if that is true then the bed at night is a little different.

Daily chores may have a little bit of stardust on them.

Grief doesn’t have to last forever. Just love.

And we spend more time opening the door to a bigger reality vs. a tiny one.

And just like one of my favorite scientists says which I also share in my new book Where Did You Go?

“Time doesn’t’s simply impossible to go anywhere.

You will always be alive.

At death, we finally reach the imagined borders of ourselves.” Robert Lanza
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With no time,


P.S. I do hope Where Did You Go? Has found its way to you.

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