Christina Rasmussen

The Middle.

When I realized I was never going to arrive anywhere, I suddenly arrived. 

That was it. My destination. Suddenly found. In the not arriving. 

It became apparent that each end of the road is nearly always a turning point. 

Another destination just pops up. 

We just keep traveling thinking we are going somewhere. 

But we never seem to finally make it there. 

I bet we are in the middle of infinity. 

Our minds can only see a small chunk of it at a time. 

If we did glimpse at infinity, we would have never started to build our castles in the sand. 

So this is what I figured. 

Destinations do exist. 

Just not the way we thought they did. 

A destination is a string of thoughts that can conceive the illusion of a conclusion.

That illusionary conclusion is placed in the future.

So we don’t have to confront the fact that it doesn’t exist in the present. 

We are basically saying ‘I will have time to make this real by the time I arrive.’ 

But even the end of a day is really a middle. 

Sure the night comes, and we turn off the lights to go to sleep. 

But the story is always left unfinished. 

Just like it will be in our last day in this life. 

We would be thinking about what’s for dinner. 

Or making vacation plans. 

And yes, there are some people who have a real ending. 

But most of us die in the middle of a regular Wednesday. 

Somewhere between the beginning and the middle of a middle of the week day. 

And why I have strung thoughts together to make the illusion of arrival present itself today. In this way, I arrive somewhere every day. 

I try my best to spend my days inside things that I really enjoy doing. 

When I can’t do that, I string my thoughts together once again to arrive at something I love inside the thing I don’t. 

So that there are no illusions. 

Just present to what arrives.

And here we are arriving at the end of our time together.

Stringing together the illusion of the end of this letter. 

So we both feel the glory of arriving, making it through. 

And just like that. 

The middle can be an extraordinary destination. 

Here’s to your string of arrivals traveling alongside you wherever you are. 


With Infinity at my door,


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