Christina Rasmussen

The Good Place

There is this place in everyone’s life that feels good.

When you are there, it is as if everything is just the way it is supposed to be.

This place we all have visited.

Some don’t remember ever visiting.

Those who can’t remember, have experienced early loss.

The kid mind can’t go that far back.

But they did visit their good place.

It is where we come from when we are born, and where we naturally gravitate towards before loss happens.

When we lose that place, we forget that we used to go to it easily.

Now we think it is not that easy to find.

We may even consider, it no longer exists for us.

It is too late to even look for it again.

And every time we think that, a wind picks up and our good place gets moved further out.

When we call ourselves unlucky, a street we loved inside the good place gets erased.

For each time we tell others how we don’t remember the last time we were happy, the music we listened to when we were there, gets forgotten.

We convinced ourselves that happiness is not an option anymore and that good place, our natural habitat, gets pushed over the edge.

Now, it will take quite the rescue team to get it back up.

It will take miracle workers, daily remembering and speaking of it.

Playing music until you find the sound that belonged to your good place.

Asking yourself for forgiveness for denouncing your happy place.

But, when you finally start to believe in it again, you hear it coming back.

It is being lifted back up from the edge of the cliff.

It sounds like the whole universe is under construction.

I bet you never thought construction would sound so heavenly.

Not going to lie, the good place is a little beat up.

The streets need some cleaning, the buildings painting.

The coffee shop in the corner, needs a new barista.

But that’s alright.

Because being here in the dust, brings back the goodness you had forgotten.

And just like that, here it comes.

Do you feel it?

The feeling of joy for no reason.

Just that you are still here getting a second, third, fourth…chance at believing that life can be good again.

Miracles do happen.

The good place, is as real. As you.

As easy as the words you want to say right now.

With good places and new baristas in town,

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