Christina Rasmussen

The Good Letter

I have been working longer hours lately and today I didn’t get a chance to sit and write you a letter. You may think, but this is a letter isn’t it? 

It is but it’s not the letter I was going to write. 

It is just a letter telling you that I ran out of time. 

I know you understand. I know you get it. 

What is important to me is to always write to you on Fridays, no matter what. 

I will never not write, because I know you wait for this letter. 

I learned that the most important thing is to reach out, even if we don’t have the stars and the moon to give out. Even if we don’t have the perfect words. 

I want you to know that I am here after a long week at work. 

After doing everything I could to live my best life. 

I know you did the same thing. 

We were both doing it together even thousands of miles apart. 

We were living, working, doing the best we could. 

So what was your week like? 

This is what I would ask you if I was just checking in. 

Without the ‘good’ letter. 

And you would ask me about my week. 

And we would sit. 

Sometimes I think about the small villages in Greece. 

All the way up the mountain. 

With people over 100 years old, sitting with their neighbors outside their doors just watching the world go by together. 

I wish we were at the village, sitting with them, staring at the sunrise drinking our coffee and making small talk. 

But the kind of small talk that feels divine and calming. 

The kind that is made of laughter, without too many words. 

Just human noises, chairs moving, people walking by and a few words here and there. 

But look at us, I was telling you I wasn’t going to write much of a letter but I couldn’t stop writing.

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing today reach out to someone.

Even if you are tired after a long day. Just call. Write. 

Sit out on your porch, see if your neighbor is out there too. 

And just like that life will show up. To write itself. 

To tell you words of comfort. 

To keep you company. 

Just like it did here in my letter to you. 

Just like it will with your letter to someone else. 


With a good letter after all,


P.S. This week’s podcast was life changing. If you have lost someone you love I hope you listen in here

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