Christina Rasmussen

Get A Hairbrush

Lately, I have found myself inside a new feeling. 

Almost as if things are finally making sense. 

I understand the hard things better and appreciate the easy things more. 

I taste loneliness but can sense the fullness of my life too. 

I respect the need for gratitude. 

The devastating but timely lateness of wisdom. 

If I could name this new feeling I would call it, finally. 

It feels like I have arrived at a place I didn’t know existed. 

I wish someone had said something about it. 

Everything in my life is the same as before but it feels as if I moved to a different corner in the room. And that other corner had a different view. 

Everything looked different. 

It was not about a new perspective. 

Or about acceptance. 

It was something else. 

I am reminded of something Ram Dass has talked about. 

“Our journey is about being more deeply involved in life, and yet less attached to it.”

This new feeling sits right inside this sentence. 

Why also I decided not to write about Thanksgiving.  

It seems like you and I needed something more lasting to talk about. 

Something that belonged to just us. 

One thing I know for sure is that I have lived my life being pulled by my hair. 

Whether in bad times or good times. 

It didn’t matter. 

But finally, wisdom looking like an old lady walked in and said stop pulling your hair girl. 

Let’s give it a good brushing and let’s see how it looks. The old lady brushed my hair and told me to go sit over to the other side of my life and see what I notice. 

Especially now that my head was not down on the floor. 

I saw. And saw. I heard. And listened. I felt. I felt everything. 

The old lady sat there too. Holding the brush. 

Knowing that this side of the room meant a different kind of life. 

I know there is an old wise lady waiting for you too. 

She is late, of course. But her timing is impeccable. 


With short hair and an awesome brush,


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