Christina Rasmussen

You Are So Here For It

If there is one thing I want you to know during these uncertain times is that no matter what happens, this is your life. 

I have really thought about this a lot during the last few months. 

What if someone I love dies? 

What if I get really sick from this virus? 

What if. 

One day it just hit me. 

No matter what happens to me, this is my life. 

However hard. However unfair. 

It is my journey. The journey of the soul behind my eyes. 

When my first husband Bjarne was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer at age 31 we felt cheated. 

We cried, and screamed and asked why many times. 

But in the end we got in our car and drove to the hospital for his treatments. We lived the hard days, braced ourselves for the impossible days, and survived his last.

What I really want to tell you is that I believe our soul is experiencing this life from behind our eyes. This witness, this existence has been here from before we are born, to after we die.

The only thing left to figure out while we are alive is how to make the most of the good times. Brace ourselves for the worst and bulldoze our way through hell when we have to.

So I am not afraid for us. 

This feeling of ‘whatever it is, bring it on’ helps me with my worries and daily fears. 

I worry more about the people who have hurt others, and have brought cruelty in the world. 

As that is a much harder journey to be on. 

And it’s a whole other letter. 

As long as you are kind no matter what life throws at you, you are OK. 

So when you watch the news, when you hear that someone you know is sick or when you are afraid about your own life remember you are here for it. 

You are so here for it. 


Rest when you can. Be grateful when it’s easy. 

Help when someone needs you. 

Everything else will take care of itself just like it always has.

May we all remember this every single day. (Click to tweet!)

With knowing,


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