Christina Rasmussen

The Garden

When the world threw weeds at you,

You started planting roses. 

When the people told you it’s all over,

You started your garden. 

You never planted anything before, but you knew you had to.

You started with new soil. Water. And some seeds. 

Kneeling down, clipping and cutting the weeds, knowing it was the only way to get through these kinds of times. 

At first it felt pointless, you said to yourself what can a garden do?

What can it change?

You cried and cried. Kneeling inside the soil. 

But you kept planting, regardless. 

The first few days the sun was hot, lingering on your clothes. 

But you kept looking at the yard knowing it was the only place you had left. 

All the other places in your life were taken. 


By strangers. 

You had nowhere else to go, but the yard. 

Every morning you woke up, had your coffee put on your gloves and marched on. 

The first few days it felt like the ground didn’t like you much. 

Nothing you did was right. 

But it didn’t matter, after all you had nothing to lose. 

You had nowhere to go. Nobody to see. No job to do. 

It was all taken away from you. 

Apart from the small piece of land in your yard. (Click to tweet!)

Day by day the flowers you planted started growing. 

The ladybugs came. And even some bees showed up. 

You put in a bird feeder. 

Oh my world. 

Just like that, you brought to life a world nobody could take away from you. 

A habitat. Of your making. 

As the evening of many evenings came and you had added every planter, and every seed, you sat down on your bench exhausted from kneeling and planting. 

From the body curling down close to the ground for hours every day. 

Your back aching, your neck stiffened. 

You smiled at yourself. 

This kind of torture was welcomed. 

This kind of living was of your own making. 

You gave yourself a life, a job and some new friends flew in to be a part of your ecosystem.

Sure, the world had lost its mind. But you made yourself a brand new one. 

One, that nobody can take away from you. 

No matter what happens next, know that your hands are capable of bringing the earth back. 

And if that is true, you really have nothing to fear. 

With many plants,


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