Christina Rasmussen

The Time Thieves

Could these letters I am writing to you every week, be my diary entries? 

I know. Just imagine for a second. 

If we could all look inside each other’s journals. 

All of a sudden the whole world would be revealed, no mysteries left to solve. 

No hidden agendas. 

No misunderstandings. No secrets. 

No Invisible Loss. 

Someone told me the other day exactly what they thought of me. 

To my face. 

That’s right. 

Sure, it was not pleasant. 

Sure it felt like someone just slapped me. 

But I no longer had to wonder. 

There it was. 

No need to guess anything. 

If I had to choose between someone telling me the truth today vs hiding it for years to come. 

I would choose truth. Truth delivered on time. 

Ultimately, we all find out what a friend or a relative is writing about us in their diaries. 

Why spend years with someone who doesn’t like you, when you could be with someone who does?

One of the things I struggle with is wasted time. 

Talk about loss. 

I consider it a robbery. 

The worst thief of all is the kind of thief that steals time. 

Make sure you don’t live with them, drink with them, or dine with them. 

And certainly make sure you don’t sleep with them. 

This by the way, goes both ways. 

We can fall into the pleasing space in a relationship especially when we don’t want people to find out how we really feel. 

And that is not just a betrayal to them, but to ourselves. 

After loss, the only life worth living is the one that reveals our most authentic selves. 

Anything else is not life, it is just a waiting room with big windows. 

It looks like it’s part of the house, but it really is the extra room that never got finished. 

So go on, show or tell the truth to the person who should no longer be in your life.  

I am. 


With on time truth,


P.S. We are making a new website for our Second Firsts Letters. 

Also a new Life Reentry Home for our classes. 

Stay tuned and truthful dear friend. 

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