Christina Rasmussen

The Stand In

It feels as if all of a sudden, nothing is significant.

Aside from the people in my life.

When I first started to feel this feeling a few weeks ago, it worried me.

This new feeling was destroying my world.

It was as if I was no longer me.

I stopped caring.

Whether I would make a living.

Have a car I like.

Make others proud.



Be liked. Approved. Chosen.

It all vanished. Gone.

From one day, to the next.

It was like someone went inside my heart and took out all the wanting.

All the wishing.

My mind was filled with this knowing of myself without the wishes.

Without the ambition.

Without wanting anything.

It was like my consciousness separated from my identity and I was able to see life without it.

I realized that the struggle to make my wishes come true created such an over busy life that I might as well have been dead.

I was alive inside an unlived life.

Just simply working for my future dreams.

And then it hit me.

I found its starting spot.

This working around the clock experience.

It was when I got my first full time job after he died.

I remember hating the job but loving how my mind was occupied all day and I didn’t cry as much as I would normally do.

It happened even from the first day.

I said to myself then, wow grief didn’t knock me out today.

And so it began, work helped ease the pain.

My brain got used to it.

I started to make work a default setting.

Meaning, it was automatic to choose work vs choosing life.

And even when I was no longer feeling desperately sad my brain was just used to working hard, so it went with it.

Now I know what happened to me.

I never made it after loss.

A shadow self was here.

A stand in.

I really believed that some parts of me survived.

But now I know that was never true.

Because I can’t spot Christina anywhere in the last 12 years.

I saw glimpses of her here and there, attempting reentries.

Making it in for a while.

But never all the way.

Nobody told me that life after any kind of loss is a complex and profoundly existential experience. (Click to tweet!)

And here I am now.

My first full life reentry.

A newborn.

Learning to walk again.

So…here’s to finding your way to a complete life reentry after loss.

It may take time. A year. Ten years. Maybe more.

Just don’t let the stand in live out the rest of your life.

You promise me?

With excitement for what’s to come,



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