Christina Rasmussen

You Can Escape Every Prison

I wish we could all run away. 

Free. From everything. 

When I think of that, I imagine valleys with green grass. 

Sun shining. 

And us, running. 

With our arms extended out our sides. 

Like we did when we were kids. 

When we tasted the freedom we can’t remember. 

But our souls have never forgotten. 

This is how we know when we find ourselves inside a prison. 

Our young DNA had tasted open spaces. 

Lived under the sun, hugged by air. 

It turned us into birds. Free to use our wings. 

Able to escape every prison. 

But the wings you have been carrying on you, without ever using.

Weigh heavy. 

Pulling your shoulders down. Your head forward. 

Not an easy way to go through life.  

But you are afraid to spread your wings, and be hugged by air again. 

Not a real containment. 

Air can drop you. If you don’t remember how to fly. 

Unless. Unless you realize you don’t fly from memory. 

But from emotion. 

An emotion that can never be pushed aside. 

Part of the DNA you were born with. 

Your wings reside inside of you. 

Close your eyes.

And fly. 

With wings made by my DNA,


P.S. Go and run away from your prisons and in the midst of running you will feel the air hugging you on your way to flight.

We are not meant to be imprisoned by anyone or anything. 

Not by grief, not by fear, not by family or friends. 

Not by location. Not by disabilities. 

Not by religion, dogma, culture or race. 

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