Christina Rasmussen

You Find Yourself Standing In Front Of A Crossroad

After a loss, you find yourself standing in front of a crossroad.

You can’t decide whether to go left or right. 

It feels like your feet can’t move. 

You second guess yourself. 

You ask everyone who is walking by which way they think you should go

Some, tell you go left. 

Others tell you go right. 

And some tell you to stay put. 


Maybe make a decision a year from now. 

Or even two. 

Just stand in front of the crossroad until then. 

And because you doubt yourself you listen to the waiting crowd. 

Thinking it’s for the best right now. 

But is it?

You standing there for so long

Unmovable. Unchangeable. 

Waiting to live. Afraid of choices. 

You are a human being.

You are here to change, move, act, step out. 

You are not here to sit and wait. 

You are here to live out loud. (Click to tweet!)

Especially because you now know how quickly the crossroad can be taken from you. 

How quickly you won’t have a choice to make. 

The crossroad is a big honor. 

The honor of being alive. 

Should you move to a new town?

Should you change your job?

Should you cut your hair?

Should you turn down a dinner invitation?

The questions in front of the crossroad are infinite but they must always be answered. 

You must always make a choice. 

My husband used to have a favorite book called The dice man

“Anybody can be anybody.” the dice man said.

When you can’t choose, throw the dice. 

Chance is better than waiting. 

Learning to step on the crossroad is a challenge. 

But a challenge we must accept. 

Now, what is the question you have been asking in front of the crossroad?

Answer it. 

Will you? 

With dice,



On The Mend