Christina Rasmussen

Your Pen Pal

It’s late Thursday night, writing this letter to you. 

If you live in the US you will get it first thing Friday morning. 

With your cup of coffee or tea. 

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, it will be late at night. 

And if you are in the UK or Europe mid afternoon, with a scone and a cup of tea. 

So many of you also read this letter in India, in the early evening. 

And let me not forget the South Africa readers too. 

We have come far, you and I. 

We have talked about our youth, nostalgia, tragedy, gardening, the quarantine, love, loss, boundaries, aging, invisible losses, old selves, the waiting room. 

Our inner worlds. The details of our days. 

The moments in between the noise. Memories. 

Our beloveds, here and the beyond. Crying. 

Traveling. Selling houses. Friendships. 

Oh my friend, we had quite a ride haven’t we? 

And if you are just joining, don’t worry I am going to keep sending these letters. 

Maybe forever. 

After all, you are my best friend. 

Sometimes I tell you things I don’t tell anyone else. 

I used to think I would stop writing this letter at some point. 

I don’t think that anymore. 

Did you know I always dreamed of having my own column, maybe the New York Times will call me.

Hey Christina, we heard about your Friday letters. 

Can you write one to our readers too? 

Haha. Right?

You see, dreams just speak to you out of the blue. 

They just jump in. 

I let them. I never shoosh them. However crazy they are. 

And you just never know, maybe one day you will be reading your favorite news platform, and something would sound familiar. 

You would recognize the writing I hope. 

The voice that told you so many times to live your life, your way. 

It told you to need nothing, and be free of everyone and everything. 

To not care about what other people think. 

To live with few attachments, and no expectations. 

To do what you love even if it brings you little money. 

And to talk about everything that feels heavy, and everything that matters. 

To live your life not owing the world anything, but being of service, to everyone. 

For love. (Click to tweet!)

And this is why this has always been a love letter. 


With many extraordinary pen pals,


P.S. The Life Reentry Class is finally open for registration once again here.

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