Christina Rasmussen

Mother Nature’s Icy Castles

When Mother Nature knocks on your door, you get down on your knees and pray. 

You pray for your family, your self, your neighbors, the people around you.

You lose all safety, in an instant. 

You lose the ground you have been on. 

The physical world around you becomes a threat, an enemy and you pray for Mother Nature to stop the storms, the ice, the cold and to cradle you like she did before. 

Before when it was warm, and you had food. 

And the sun was speaking to you. 

I live in Austin, Texas and in the last few days we were thrown into an eerie and cold world where snow looked like glue, and the air stopped breathing around us. 

We were met with an unwavering icy stillness. 

It was like we were on our own, away from everyone. 

Almost as if planet earth held us upside down for a week, while everyone was watching to see if we could hang on. We hung on. 

In the midst of undrivable roads, contaminated water, freezing indoor temperatures we saw people helping their neighbors. 

Furniture shops opening their doors, drivers with pick up trucks helping those stuck on the icy roads. 

As I am writing this letter to you, the temperature just started to rise and by the time you get this, the eerie, glue-like ice will be melting.

Mother Nature will be moving on from us, leaving us with almost nothing and bruised knees from all the praying. 

Wherever you are today, whether you live in Texas with me, or in a small town in Ireland. Down under in Australia.

Know that no matter how scary this week has been, it will end. 

Nothing lasts forever. 

Not even Mother Nature’s Icy castles. (Click to tweet!)

Not even sticky ice. 


With warm blankets,


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