Christina Rasmussen

The Water Shoes

Did you know that when you choose a different life, it feels divergent? 

Unalike the one you are walking out from. 

Logically, this should not be a surprise. 

A different life should feel different. 

But as I stepped into a new chapter in my life this week I started to feel unfamiliar.

Even my body acted anew. 

I saw my reality through different eyes. 

It was as if someone put me inside another body. 

I have written many new chapters in my life, so when I was writing this next one for myself I expected it to have some of the same elements. 

Some fear, excitement, doubt and difficulty level. 

As everything is always more challenging when it’s new. 

But here is what was completely different. 

The challenge part. 

It was hard but it was easy at the same time. 

Almost like I had water shoes on to walk on a pebble beach. 

I sat with this for a couple of days and tried to understand, how did these water shoes go on my feet? Why weren’t they there in previous chapters? 

How come I have never worn them before, or never thought it was an option. 

So, this is what I think happens. 

When the choice you are making is deeply right for you, then the Universe/God sends you water shoes. 

I have never had them sent to me before. Ever. 

This choice that I made for myself must have been unlike any other choice before it. 

The closest I ever got to previously was loaner water shoes.

But this time the water shoes stayed on. 

I have been wearing them since last week. 

And the longer I have them on, the more I feel this is a very different chapter. 

It feels like more than just a new beginning, more than just a chapter inside my book. 

I think it may just be a new book. 

Here’s to you choosing what you know is true for yourself and receiving your own water shoes. 

I believe there is a pair available for every person on Earth. 


With my very own water shoes,


P.S. Art by me.

On The Mend