Christina Rasmussen

Waving At You From the House Across the Street

I wasn’t planning on it but I just spent a whole week truly being myself. 

I didn’t care about pleasing anyone. Not even one. 

I said whatever was on my mind. 

I was myself 100%. Full on. 

And then it hit me. 

I realized that when you show up fully, with no guilt, no shame, no worry about what anyone may be thinking about you. 

When you just rebel against the version of yourself that was slightly altered to fit in.

You recognize that it takes a lot out of you.

I went from slouching to sitting up straight. 

From driving 45 miles per hour to hitting the fifth gear.

The exhilaration of being yourself is actually hard work for the brain that is used to running on half of what made you, you. 

Oh my Lord. 

I was living with a lot of my windows closed. 

So I opened them all at the same time. 

Do you know what else I discovered? 

All the meaningless worries vanished. 

I was too busy expressing myself to worry about how my expressions were landing on others. 

I even forgot to judge myself. 

I went from one truth to another. 

From one open window to the next. I felt alive. Tired but alive. 

I spent my week, also shaking my head. 

How could I have squashed myself even a little?

How do we convince ourselves to mute our voice for the mother in law who doesn’t like us? 

For the stepdaughter who can’t care less if we are dead or alive. 

For the stranger who sits at the cubicle next to us at work. 

I know you have had some of your windows closed too. 

Now we move forward. Opening as many windows as possible. 

But anyone who is still looking for the half person you used to be, is not for you. 

Be ready to shed relationships. 

And don’t give your full version of yourself to anyone who doesn’t deserve you. 

Don’t waste your time. Pull back immediately if you feel anyone disapproves of your wholeness. Don’t even consider it. 

I am all about giving people second chances, but there are times when a second chance should not be an option. 

Bottom line is that the people who disapprove of your way of life, should not be in it. (Click to tweet!)

You cannot risk having to shut those windows again. 

Here’s to a week with bright light, and sun coming through your big gorgeous windows. 

Can you see me waving at you from the house across the street? 


With an honest life,


P.S. The Dear Life Podcast has been growing and growing, thank you for listening. If you haven’t yet started, one of my favorites is Jane Green’s episode. You will want to open all your windows afterwards for sure. LISTEN HERE.

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