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The Brakeless Bike

Imagine that you had a bike with no brakes. You just used your feet when you had to slow it down. You never even questioned

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The 15 Year Walk

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that when we die; we return to experience the exact life again.  We meet the same people,

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The First Scratch

Everyone says that love is the most important emotion of all.  It has been documented forever.  After all, literature and poetry over centuries captured the

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The Water Shoes

Did you know that when you choose a different life, it feels divergent?  Unalike the one you are walking out from.  Logically, this should not

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Grief’s Monastery

There is a place deep inside grief that can hold us without pain.  The deepest most hidden place of the grief experience is a seat

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The Two Moons

It’s late Thursday evening as I am writing to you.  And the dark of the night makes for a deeper connection between us.  It’s almost

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Something Is Coming

I have always known when something was about to change in my life.  Sometimes I would know it for years beforehand.  I would tell people

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