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 Christina’s 12 year old weekly blog


Safe Worlds

I have a few favorite movies I watch over and over again. They are my safe worlds. I go to them when a day has

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Don’t You Give Up

Sometimes it will feel as if nothing makes sense.  Nothing at all.  You can’t fathom why bad things happen to you. Even though you try. 

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The Good Letter

I have been working longer hours lately and today I didn’t get a chance to sit and write you a letter. You may think, but

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You Didn’t Leave

What if you were free.  To be what you feel To scream out your name.  And jump inside the pain Would you?  Live in it. 

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Find Your Lava

I have been seeing a therapist lately.  We are trying to figure out how the heck did I change so much since the loss of

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It was not like any other day.  Something was in the air.  A heaviness, with no name.  A knowing. A goodbye.  An Ending. A full

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The Forbidden Path

I have been trying to write you this letter all day long.  I have so much to tell you that my thoughts are competing for

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My Imaginary Friend

Before Bjarne passed I used to be very social.  Big dinner parties at my house.  Hanging out with many friends.  Phone calls for lengthy conversations. 

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