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On The Mend

 Christina’s 12 year old weekly blog


I Would Remember

When all is said and done I would remember the snow outside the doctor’s office.  The unknowingness in my children’s lives.  The struggle to be

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You Can Call Me Georgia

Something magical happens when you stop caring about what others think of you.  You start to taste a level of freedom that questions all of

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The Long Way Home

It has taken me over 13 years to feel a longer lasting sense of happiness.  You might want to yell out but Christina, that’s too

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Without Roller Skates

Life is prickly.  That is where all the stories we tell ourselves come from.  The prickly things.  We tell ourselves so many things after we

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When Nobody Was Watching

The most heartbreaking moments of our lives happen when nobody is watching.  Nobody sees us, then.  These moments are parts of the larger heartbreak.  The

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