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On The Mend

 Christina’s 12 year old weekly blog


I’m Back

Today is my birthday and I find no better way to start off my 52nd year by writing to you. It has been so long

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  When I stopped writing back in December I really did think it was only going to be for a

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The Petalling

If I had one wish for you, it would be to grant yourself permission to live the life of your choosing. To courageously understand the

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Your Messiest Drawer

Sometimes, change comes in ways you never expected.  You feel a force pushing you to do something that is confusing at first.  Trust it. It

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The 500 Letters

When I was young, my parents used to call me an open book.  I used to share everything that was on my mind.  But for

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Get A Hairbrush

Lately, I have found myself inside a new feeling.  Almost as if things are finally making sense.  I understand the hard things better and appreciate

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Write Yourself Down

Do you know who you are?  Like really know.  And do you show that real self to others?  So much so that everyone would feel

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The Good Place

There is this place in everyone’s life that feels good. When you are there, it is as if everything is just the way it is

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The Middle.

When I realized I was never going to arrive anywhere, I suddenly arrived.  That was it. My destination. Suddenly found. In the not arriving.  It

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The Time Thieves

Could these letters I am writing to you every week, be my diary entries?  I know. Just imagine for a second.  If we could all

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The Pretenders

Did you know that one of the most authentic relationships of my life is with you? I sit here every week writing exactly what I

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