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The Losing of Oneself.

I think it’s nostalgia.  That sweet feeling made out of longing.  Remembering the days at the beach, in our youthfulness.  Laughter echoing in the sand,

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The Family Makers

Lately, it has felt as if we have all died and went to some kind of afterlife, where we are all stuck at home. Alone. 

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The Garden

When the world threw weeds at you, You started planting roses.  When the people told you it’s all over, You started your garden.  You never

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The Forest

I was dreaming last night that I was writing to you. I could see the words, the sentences being written.  But, I woke up this

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The Morning’s Blanket

I wake around 5:30am every morning.  Sometimes earlier.  It feels calm that early.  As if nothing is wrong.  Silence feels like a blanket.  As time

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Is this You?

When we were born, we should have been taught about ourselves.  Our parents should have asked ‘who are you?’ before they asked, “is this your

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The Amateurs of Grief

I am finally understanding why blanket statements such as grief lasts forever are hurtful.  These statements hijack the truth of what it really means to

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