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Short and Sweet

This is a first.  But I have been flying, traveling, experiencing, living so much that this letter did not get to be written today.  Instead,

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Hidden Rooms

Oh the worlds we never see. Infinitely surprising.  Devastatingly never ours. Some of them, impossibly foreign.  Further than our physical bodies can get to.  But

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Loyalty Is Rare

Heartbreak is tiring. Exhausting.  Consuming. Deeply confusing.  It is hard to understand.  You will often wonder why certain things have to happen.  Especially if you

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Oranges and Fried Eggs

In the last few months I experienced one of my most significant Life Reentries to date.  I taught myself self care for the first time. 

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The Brakeless Bike

Imagine that you had a bike with no brakes. You just used your feet when you had to slow it down. You never even questioned

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The 15 Year Walk

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that when we die; we return to experience the exact life again.  We meet the same people,

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